Energy assessment modules

We, along with our affiliates, Green Energy Partners, can provide a wide range of services to identify practical and cost efficient ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions. Our solutions reduce energy costs and ensure compliance with new legislation.

We also advise about compliance with the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and other schemes, and offer guidance on the design and integration of renewable energy sources.

The client’s energy usage in each building will be reviewed over the previous year, any energy reduction measures implemented and we will perform detailed analysis and benchmarking. From this and a telephone interview with the individual responsible for energy we will provide a
league table showing how each building has performed, the impact of the energy reduction programme and a forecast showing minimum, maximum and most likely energy demand over the next year.

We have found that many organisations have access to half hourly energy data for their sites but do not have the time or the detailed knowledge to make use of the data to reduce their energy use.

Our engineers will monitor your client’s half hourly data on a monthly basis using exception reporting, regression analysis, CUSUM and other analysis techniques combined with knowledge of the building use, HVAC, lighting, controls and local weather conditions to identify equipment problems and energy saving opportunities.

One of our highly qualified engineers will visit the client’s buildings to assess the opportunities for reducing energy use and carbon emissions. They will perform a detailed site survey and come up with a series of improvement recommendations each of which will be fully costed and the likely savings summarised. An Energy Reduction Action Plan for each will be provided.

We have assisted a wide variety of clients with assessing the feasibility and implementing renewable heat and electricity generation projects. Before performing detailed analysis a quick portfolio analysis should be carried out to identify the highest priority sites.

If you provide us with some simple information about the client’s portfolio we can carry out a review of the likely renewable options available at each site and prioritise those with the most potential for further investigation.

We can carry out a detailed renewable feasibility study for a site where we will visit the site and assess the potential for a wide variety of different renewable technologies including wind, biomass, hydro, solar thermal, solar PV, ground and air source heat pumps and anaerobic digestion.

The economics and potential planning constraints will be evaluated along with the operational implications of the technology. We will supply a report detailing the viable options. A plan of action for installing the proposed technologies will be provided.

Once the clients have decided which technologies to install we can provide support to them throughout the procurement and installation process to ensure that the project is successful. This includes assisting with developing the specification, selecting technology suppliers, monitoring the installation and commissioning and reviewing energy use before and after the installation to ensure that the technology is achieving the savings promised by the supplier.