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We will remove the complexity of identifying and sourcing your energy requirements for your business, regardless of size, location or consumption.

Fortis Energy are able to remove the time and effort that is needed by a company in ensuring that your renewal prices are competitive.

In addition, we can identify the most competitive supply prices available for your business. Being an independent brokerage, you will always get free and impartial advice from us.

Finally, controlling your energy contract is important. We will ensure that your termination letter, if required, is produced on a timely basis, thus avoiding being rolled over with your supplier at an uncompetitive and inflated rate

We find many customers are simply unaware that there are substantial savings to be made by using our services.
Many customers do not realise that commercial sites are supplied on fixed price contracts and that when the contract expires, if they do not contact the supplier and serve notice that they wish to renegotiate a new price (typically the notice has to be served three months before the contract end date), they are automatically tied over onto an out of contract rate at a premium to the normal contract rate.

No. Changing suppliers (if required) never results in the interruption of supply and we endeavour to ensure a seamless and efficient transition process.

We receive a commission from the energy supplier for introducing a new customer or renewing a customer’s contract with an existing supplier.

Yes, any business is free to choose one of the 30 or so energy supply companies that operate in the UK but only at the end of an existing contract with your current supplier.

Fortis Energy will facilitate the smooth change from one supplier to another or renegotiate new rates with a customer’s existing supplier at the end of a contract. Please call us and we will advise you about your contract options.

No. Just as with residential customers, if a company changes to a new supplier, nothing changes other than the price that is paid for the gas or electricity flowing through the meter. The paperwork, meter and network all remain the same, it is only the company which reads the meter that changes.

Once you are at the end of an existing contract, it only takes a matter of weeks to change suppliers as each supplier has different termination requirements, which we will handle. At no point is your energy supply interrupted.

It is not unusual for Fortis Energy to reduce clients’ gas and electricity bills by 15-25%, more if you are on an out of contract rate. In an ever-changing market, we strive to ensure your renewal rate is as competitive as possible.

The wholesale price of gas and electricity is not easily predictable and continually fluctuates influenced by world events and the supply and demand of the world’s producers and consumers.

Fluctuating wholesale prices mean that the price of gas and electricity offered to UK commercial customers by the 20 or so supply companies is never the same.

Other factors also affect the suppliers pricing policy. For example, if a supply company has purchased too much energy and cannot sell it on, they will reduce their margins to make the energy more attractive. This often happens in a recession when customers unexpectedly cut back production using less energy than has been calculated and purchased by the supplier.

Similarly, when supply companies wish to expand and grow their customer base, they will change their price structures and offer preferential rates. These rates are typically launched through brokers such as ourselves.

By constantly monitoring the changes in the energy market, Fortis Energy on behalf of its customers can identify the most competitive gas and electricity prices for an individual business or site.

Gas is shipped or piped into the UK from countries such as Russia, Norway and Latin America then distributed around the UK by Transco.

Electricity is mainly generated in the UK by coal, gas or nuclear power and distributed via The National Grid.

Historically just two suppliers serviced the UK energy market. Since deregulation in the early 1990’s some 30 energy supply companies have emerged to provide the country’s energy needs. These companies buy energy on the wholesale market and sell it on to businesses throughout the UK.

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