In partnership with Inenco we are able to introduce sophisticated energy procurement methodology for clients who consume large levels of gas and electricity. Through our association with Green Energy Partners we are able to provide our clients access to a range of cost efficient ways to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Inenco group

Inenco is a market leading energy consultancy, with an impressive record of using their expertise to reduce their customers procurement costs and carbon emissions within today's rapidly changing energy and carbon markets.

Inenco employs over 300 highly skilled staff across 6 locations throughout the UK. With a number of high profile clients in every major sector across the UK and Europe, Inenco's clients include Marks and Spencer, British Heart Foundation, Stagecoach Group, Imperial College and Aesica Pharmaceuticals.

Inenco have been providing risk managed energy procurement solutions since 2003 when they first pioneered wholesale power purchasing, allowing organisations to optimise their energy price by procuring flexibly on the wholesale market.
Every year Inenco manages the procurement of nearly £1 Billion worth of gas and electricity, serving a range of strategic approaches – this makes Inenco the largest business energy consultancy in the UK, managing 25% of the market by volume (Datamonitor Major Energy User Survey).

Inenco also provide a range of other energy services including data management, carbon reduction and renewable generation. Inenco also run a unique multimedia website ( which you can visit to view the latest energy news broadcasts.

Green Energy Partners

Green Energy Partners has a team of qualified and accredited professional engineering consultants, who are based throughout the UK. Gep also have electricity, gas, biomass and carbon market specialists with extensive knowledge of the structure, regulatory regime and pricing drivers within these markets.

GEP engineers are constantly writing best practice guides and consulting directly for The Carbon Trust and the Scottish Government among others.  For the past 10 years, they have been working almost exclusively for The Carbon Trust and The Energy Saving Trust for companies with an energy spend from £3000 to £5 million per annum.